Our Methodology

We follow a 3 Phase Methodology to ensure effectiveness of our Training

Phase I: Pre-Training
The Pre – Training phase is the most critical of all stages. It is here that our team together with the college management will assess the students level to be addressed through Training, identify the challenges and agree on the areas of improvement. This exercise helps us to design a very practical and relevant training intervention which to produce the desired outcome.

Pre Training comprises of the following steps:

1. Training Need Analysis (TNA)

2. Co – Designing the Training Workshop with Clients

Phase II: Mid-Training
Adapting the Adult Learning Techniques of ‘Experiential Learning’ and ‘Learning-from-each-other’, our Facilitators ensure an extremely high level of participation from their audience, using a mix of tools such as Group Discussions, Role Plays, Team Activities, Case Studies, Videos, Recording Participants etc..

Phase III: Post-Training
What gives Stellar, an edge over its contemporaries, is that we don’t stop our effort after any training. We take accountability of assessing and monitoring progress, engaging

participants through reminders as well as planning future programs. The post training engagement plan is designed depending upon the participant profile, objectives set and the organizational requirement.

Some of our Post Training Engagements are

1. Online Test

2. Assignements